2pi Hosting

2pi Hosting – Web Hosting/Server Administration/DevOps Services Division

Our hosting services at a glance:

  • We offer a range of services from shared cPanel hosting to high performance dedicated servers and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting
  • Our managed hosting provides pain-free server and system maintenance for WordPress and Drupal, GovCMS installations
  • We handle all resource and network monitoring which means we find resource issues before your clients and customers do
  • We reallocate resources on the fly when needed
  • We have systems that allow fast relocation of sites to better resourced environments when needed
  • We have real people answering our phones – no call centres

Website hosting today is extremely affordable however many of our clients have experienced the pain associated with low-cost, self-managed website hosting. These packages offload the burden of server maintenance and security to the end-user often resulting in poor performing websites and in some cases serious security vulnerabilities.

At 2pi Software, we offer 1 simple hosting package for everyone. Our managed website hosting offers the following features:

  • Free basic SSL certificate
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups of your entire site and associated databases
  • Sydney based data centre
  • Server updates in addition to WordPress core and plugin updates

Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting

In addition to our traditional hosting package, we offer AWS hosting for clients that require secure, scalable and high availability hosting. Our AWS services include:

  • Enterprise Web Hosting for Drupal, GovCMS and WordPress platforms
  • Cloud architecture design and implementation (high availability
    scaling and DEVOPS)
  • Bill/Cost Management
  • Enterprise cloud migration
  • Managed cloud services
  • HelpDesk
  • Pen testing
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Training

If you are looking for affordable and effortless website hosting for your WordPress or Drupal based site, contact us today.