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In our Systems division, the company has expertise and experience in the following toolsets :

  • Windows Server 2012/2008/2003
    • Virtualisation (Hypervisor)
    • Domain Control
    • Active Directory
    • Exchange
    • Group Policy
  • NAS-based Data Recovery/Full Backup Solutions
  • VOIP (Cloud and Hosted) – mVoice, iPECs
  • VPN Tunneling
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Windows 8 Desktop rollout, maintenance and support
  • Sharepoint management
  • Alfresco Enterprise Document Management
  • MS Exchange migration to Google Apps (Mail, Intranet, Documentation)
  • Security Audit

What does “security” mean to you? To us it means keeping your data safe. That means safe from accidental loss, safe from loss to malware, and safe from exposure to your competitors. Our Security Audit involves us taking a close look at your premises, your computers and your procedures. We identify any issues that may exist, and recommend appropriate and cost-effective ways to correct them.

If you are worried that not everything is as safe as it should be, give us a call.

  • Health Check

Your computers are vital to your business. Tireless workers, always ready – but are they? In normal use, computers accumulate dross – unwanted registry entries, unnecessary files, browser plugins and what-have-you. A simple mistake by an employee can even leave malware on a computer. Sometimes staff install programs for a quick look or a single use – and forget to uninstall them. The end result is a computer that runs slowly, backups that are larger than necessary, and in the worst case even data loss.

When we do a Health Check, we look for all these things and more. You can correct them yourself, or if you wish, we can deal with them. The end result – a computer that is ready for business.

The longer your computers have gone without a Health Check, the more you will gain from doing one now. Give us a call.

  • Monthly Preventative Maintenance

Our Monthly Preventative Maintenance program is like the service schedule for your car – it fixes the small things before they become big things. It’s like the Health Check above, but performed on a regular schedule and with any issues being fixed immediately.

If you would like to keep your computers fighting fit, give us a call.

  • Backup

Backup is your single most important weapon against losing your business data. A backup system needs to secure the right information, it needs to secure it often enough, and because people can be forgetful, it needs to be automatic.

Our backup system centralises all your data on a server, and keeps that server backed up on a NAS (Network Attached Storage). The backups on the NAS are your first line of defence. A second NAS is set up off-site; overnight, while your business is not using its Internet connection, your precious data is transferred to the off-site NAS. That’s your second line of defence. And all this is fully automated.

With this system it is possible to restore anything from a single file to an entire server – meaning that no matter what happens, you can be back in business quickly.

If your business information is critical to your business survival, you need a dependable backup system. Give us a call.