2pi Software deliver AWS Canberra User Group Presentation – “Scalable web architectures for high profile websites”

On Wednesday, 26 June 2019, 2pi Software co-founding Director, Carsten Eckelmann delivered a compelling presentation on the complexities of scaling WordPress websites for massively-large traffic spikes using the benefits and features of the AWS cloud platform. It was a very well received discussion of the topics and for many Canberrans, a great insight into the tech capabilities of rural/remotely-located software engineering organisations. The presentation used is made available here :-

Carsten’s talk provided real world examples of scalable architecture supporting a number of high-profile/high-traffic Enterprise WordPress-based and e-Commerce websites hosted in the AWS environment, such as Vegemite and ALGA.

Topics explored include :-

* Facilitating web content updates in a dynamically scalable environment
* Use of the Sentinel mechanism to maintain data integrity
* Considerations when choosing Horizontal or Vertical scaling
* Monitoring key data points to trigger scale up and/or down events
* Deciphering logged information to evaluate anomalous behaviour
* Integration with CloudFront in a scale environment
* Transitioning site implementation to Infrastructure-as-Code and the benefits of this
* The value of continuous integration mechanisms for ongoing site
* Upskilling the web content and creative team to deal with the scale environment

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