2pi Software feature in Amazon Web Services press release re Australian Government deal

2pi Software has been cited as an example of the great benefits of cloud to overcome the ‘tyranny of geography’ in the tech sector, and the potential it offers regional digital startups.

Reference to the AWS cloud technology focussed Bega company was made in a recent article in CRN magazine detailing Amazon Web Services (AWS) success in securing a whole-of-government deal worth $39 million over the next three years to help simplify cloud procurement for federal, state and territory agencies.

The aim of this arrangement will be to help simplify service provisions for government agencies. Our very own Liam O’Dubhir, Director of 2pi Software was present to offer his assessment:

“The streamlined procurement for government to build on AWS also makes it faster and easier for APN partners – the small and medium sized Australian businesses focused on offering technology solutions to agencies — to provide our software and consulting services to the Australian government.

2pi Software is now a supplier in the Australian government’s digital marketplace, and we are investing in both New South Wales and the Canberra region by hiring local talent.  We are also investing in skill and capability development to help local, state, and federal government to leverage AWS cloud services in building citizen solutions.”

Liam O’Duibhir, Director 2pi Software

At 2pi Software, we specialise in providing guidance, planning and execution of cloud investment and infrastructure provisioning for customers large and small. Located in the beautiful Bega Valley of New South Wales – we provide these services currently to a range of clients across Australia. Contact us today and experience the benefits of having 2pi Software as your cloud technology partner.

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