Bega Cheese AWS VPC creation and set-up and Workspaces deployment

Bega Cheese is an enterprise undergoing rapid transformation due to flux in the agri sector, and recent acquisitions and divestments in their business. Towards modernising their IT infrastructure, adoption of the Infor ERP solution, and the need to cover an increasing geographic area with offices right across Australia and overseas, a decision to migrate significant portions of their traditional physical server and desktop infrastructure to the AWS cloud was taken. 2pi Software are assisting with this and have contributed to this process in several ways :-

  • Oversight of VPC management and implementation
  • Drafting and adoption of Best Practice cloud infrastructure support policy documents
  • AWS Cloud Training
  • Migrations of costly physical systems to the tailored AWS environment including a number of high profile websites
  • Cost reduction through ‘right-size’ selection of AWS virtual instances and auto-scaling enablement as a low cost solution to ‘demand spike’ control
  • Implementation of the Workspaces VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) capability
  • Automation of virtual system and networks creation and configuration using the cloud formation templating feature-set and custom scripting
  • Design of the AWS cloud architecture
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