Vegemite Merchandise online store and Website Development

WordPress and WooCommerce working on AWS cloud services

The client

Bega Cheese Limited, a $3B-plus ASX listed leading Australian company which acquired the Vegemite business in 2017

Turn around

Six weeks beginning in May of 2018

Services provided

Site and content design, WordPress Theme implementation, WooCommerce configuration, ongoing support and maintenance and training of Bega Cheese IT and marketing staff.

The outcome

  • An easy to use e-commerce storefront using the powerful WordPress/WooCommerce  combination on the highly-secure AWS cloud platform
  • An extremely fast turnaround time which allowed a pre-launch marketing campaign
  • Continued implementation of our cloud security procedures with updated protocols for  e-commerce websites
  • A powerful marketing and revenue generation tool for the Vegemite brand
  • Continued use of the easy to use Content Management System which allows the Vegemite Digital Marketing team to maintain their own e-commerce storefront with relative ease

In 2018 2pi Software implemented an E-Commerce solution in an existing AWS WordPress environment for the iconic Australian Vegemite brand

Abilities and experiences

  • Responsible for design and delivery of a easy-to-update WordPress website on AWS integrated with the globally popular WooCommerce online store solution supporting sale of popular Vegemite merchandise to Australians and internationally-based expats
  • Design team to develop necessary graphic elements
  • Web development team to modify the Vegemite custom theme we previously developed
  • Develop a scalable system using complex AWS High Availability capabilities to accommodate high web traffic levels and a consistent experience for store visitors

The challenge

Nearly 1 year after the successful launch of, 2pi Software were tasked with integrating a storefront offering the Vegemite merchandise product range. Because data needs to be both secure and consistent across scaled AWS instances, the challenge was to develop a system that would safely retain data integrity while simultaneously allowing the AWS infrastructure to scale in response to large website traffic spikes. And launch by June 2018.

Our approach

Our teams quickly implemented a scalable WooCommerce-powered storefront within the existing WordPress website. Our solution included upgrade paths and continuous backups to ensure data integrity. The 2pi Software crew were able to complete pen testing and launch within the desired time frame.

The Vegemite storefront continues to be a successful marketing tool with the ability to scale and grow.

Fast forward 2 years and we were delighted to provide Bega Cheese Limited with a complete reimagining of the iconic brand’s website. Beginning with the design phase, our in-house graphic design team worked with key members of the VEGEMITE brand team to better understand the design language that would accurately reflect the VEGEMITE brand.

The result of this process was a more unified storefront with tremendous flexibility for ongoing store and website maintenance.

While the design phase was proceeding, our AWS team was busy working on an improved infrastructure for even greater website performance.

Once the new design was locked, our in-house web development team got to work building the new custom design into a functional, responsive website using the ubiquitous WordPress platform.

Every aspect of the design needed to be editable by Bega’s in-house teams so we custom coded each and every component of the design. By taking the time to hand-craft the theme in this way, we avoided the use of complex page builder plugins and hard-to-navigate theming systems. Instead, our custom coded theme makes extensive use of the easy-to-use native WordPress page editor.

The end result is a fully customisable design that protects key brand elements, allowing Bega’s in-house teams the flexibility of maintaining their website without risk of breaking away from their crucial brand guidelines.

If you are looking for skilled WordPress or Drupal website developers, give us a call today and glean the benefits that come from a company with both creative and technical teams in-house.