WordPress Website Development in AWS (for ALGA)

We transitioned the Australian Local Government Association to AWS using WordPress for their CMS

We transitioned the Australian Local Government Association to AWS using WordPress for their CMS

The client
Australian Local Government Association (ALGA)

Turn around
Development work began in June of 2018 and launched March of 2019.

Services provided by 2pi Software
Strategy, research, PHP development, project management, implementation, ongoing support and maintenance and training of ALGA IT and marketing staff.

The outcome

  1. A new, visually appealing website that allows ALGA staff to easily update
  2. Creative solutions to their previous e-commerce system which again made it easier for them to update
  3. A significantly simplified process for creating and sending newsletters
  4. Implementation of our cloud security procedures
  5. A system that requires fewer support staff to update and manage


  • Responsible for development and delivery of a WordPress website on AWS
  • Transition 10k+ pages of historical data going back to 2010 from an old, custom-built CMS to WordPress (archival data going back to 2003)
  • Web development team to build a custom WordPress theme provided by a third-party design agency
  • Development of a semi-automated Mailchimp newsletter delivery system
  • Transition to a secure, e-commerce solution for their State of the Regions reports
  • Governing delivery and continuous improvement of a digital service, aligned to the Digital Service Standard
  • Develop a scalable system
  • Report progress, budgets, risks and impediments. Propose mitigation solutions.

The challenge

The Australia Local Government Association had an aging website which was developed using a custom built CMS. The complexity of the CMS meant that only one IT manager had the ability to make necessary changes to the website.

Adding to this, the CMS did not support e-commerce solutions which required a complex system of creating custom user accounts for individuals who purchased products from ALGA and processing payments separately.

The original website was developed in 2003 and therefore had an extensive database totalling more than 10,000 pages of archival data and content.

Our approach

We began the initial work to transition a non-Wordpress site into a functional WordPress platform while allowing additional content to be added easily. We developed a custom WordPress theme based on a supplied design guide. We worked extensively with internal staff to ensure the functionality and visual design represented the vision of the original designer.

We transitioned over 10,000 pages of content using their existing database.

For the e-commerce functionality, we utilised WooCommerce and a dedicated gateway to manage payments easily.

In addition, we integrated Mailchimp for their newsletter delivery and developed an easy to use newsletter builder within the website. Utilising a custom url, the client is able to send weekly newsletters with ease and has the ability to fully automate the process.

Our AWS team developed a hardened infrastructure so that WordPress could function well in a scalable AWS environment. This infrastructure includes safe methods for updating the WordPress core and minimal plugins.

We provided extensive training on the maintenance of the WordPress system and the AWS architecture to provide the client with the necessary tools to update and maintain the system going forward.

Additionally, we have provided a roadmap for ongoing maintenance of the AWS infrastructure and website systems.