Code-A-Job Hackathon announced for Sept 21st 2019 as part of the Regional Employment Trials (RET) Initiative – CODING AND CLOUD JOBS FOR UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE IN THE BEGA VALLEY

Transitioning from unemployment to a tech career in remote/rural Australia has many challenges, but the Bega Valley is part of a fresh approach being trialled by 2pi Software that gives real world work experience in software engineering, web design and cloud technology to job-seekers in the community as a means to overcome these barriers.

Thanks to grant funding from the Australian Government as part of its Regional Employment Trials (RET) initiative, the programme will kick off on the 21st of September with the Code-a-job Hackathon, an exciting day of creativity and learning designed to stimulate an interest in digital technology that may lead to future career opportunities for those participating. While the event will primarily encourage those currently not in a job to join in, all members of the public wishing to learn more about code, the cloud, the web and even apps for mobile devices, should register to take part.

Those wishing to attend should book through Eventbrite :-


The venue for the event is University of Wollongong, Bega Campus, 176 Auckland Street, Bega, NSW 2550. 2pi Software gratefully acknowledges the support of the University of Wollongong for this programme.

A number of those participating will be invited to attend an intensive month of digital work experience at the Bega offices of 2pi Software working with professionals in the field and seeing close at hand how software systems are constructed and delivered to clients locally and throughout Australia. Continuing support for those involved will also be provided.

2pi Software has a commendable 7 year history of involvement in building a tech community in the Bega Valley and this journey has represented a singularly unique success story within NSW and Australia more broadly. Through the RET programme, 2pi Software now seeks to take an active role in upskilling local job-seekers in digital disciplines.

Increasingly, digital skills impact a wide array of industries, and it is envisaged that many of the businesses in the region, including those involved in established local sectors such as retail, tourism, agriculture and aged care, will be enabled to take advantage of the boosted tech talent pool emerging as a result of initiatives such as the RET Code-A-Job Hackathon and work experience programme.

For more information please contact:

Isaac Lynnah, 2pi Software Community Manager on 0497 573 147 or isaac@2pisoftware.com

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