Hidden Heritage mobile app launched

Marrying WordPress and cmfive on AWS for maximum scalability and reliability

We are proud to announce the launch of a new mobile app and companion website for South Coast History Society Inc. Hidden Heritage 101 Objects Revealed initiative. The project was conceived as modern way for shires to coordinate and catalogue their region’s heritage and points of interest using a GPS guided tour app. Using a website to catalogue and record new points of interest, this cmfive based system pushes these updates to a mobile app that can refresh content for end users without having to continually download app updates. This makes is easy for local heritage committees to update both a website and companion app without requiring developer assistance.

The details

We were asked to develop a backend that was robust enough to meet the needs of the client without sacrificing usability. Our approach was to integrate a traditional WordPress based website as the front-end so that maintenance, marketing and promotion could be easily facilitated by the many volunteers in the program.

The second aspect of this project, was to develop a system that would “feed” new and updated content to dedication iOS and Android apps in addition to the WordPress site. This system was based in our very own cmfive open source platform. It is versatile, reliable and handles all communications between the WordPress website and the mobile apps.

Our focus throughout the project was to ensure the system was easy for non-technical users to add new points of interest. This required close communication with the project managers and users.

The end result is an app and custom website that can grow well into the future.

What helps make all of this come together is the Amazon Web Services platform which provides a secure, scalable and reliable hosting environment for all of our cmfive customers. Since 2pi Software is part of the AWS Partner Network, our experience in cloud architecture on AWS gives our clients the advantage that moving to the cloud can bring to small/medium and enterprise customers.

2pi Software as a technical partner

We developed this system on our Phonic Path platform so that other shires across Australia – and the globe – can use it to educate newer generations about the amazing heritage that surrounds them. The apps are designed to be “reskinned” for anyone that wishes to have their own GPS guided audio-tour.

If your organisation needs experienced technicians to develop mobile apps, custom software, cloud migration or website development then give us a call today. See how making 2pi Software your technology partner can benefit you.

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