Cosine CRM

Mobile-friendly CRM featuring automated data-entry, complex workflow capabilities, and integrated quoting, invoicing and financial reconciliation

Cosine CRM is the ‘go to’ CRM solution for mid-sized service business that need end to end fine-grained management of services and/or consulting professionals delivering on-premises and/or remote customer service. The system automates tracking of everything, from first initial customer contact, through to quote and job sheet creation,  and includes final invoicing and updating of accounts. Cosine CRM includes comprehensive customisable report facilities, and being optimised for mobile devices, empowers staff spending time on the road. See feature list below and please contact us for a demo.

General Features of Cosine CRM

Cosine CRM is built using the flexible Cmfive ERP/CRM framework and features the following key modules 

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Invoices
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Expenses
  • Projects

Custom modules and extended functionality can be prepared on request.

Application Level features

  • Works on mobile devices (responsive)
  • Configurable look and feel
  • Project Organisation including Groups – including high convenience features – all time and tasks logged collectable in one invoice

Form-building, tasks and workflow

  • Forms are built by coders, but it is easy to learn and quite fast, and affords strong granular control
  • Complete Audit logging
  • Workflow notification – structures and rules can be readily configured and who gets notified can be tailored.
  • Data entry forms work well on handheld devices and are operating system independent
  • Restful API access to Database objects using standard interfaces, and URL-addressable
  • Data can be stored on mobile side, for later synching when a connection is restored
  • Timer Tasks – simply stop and start your timer when doing a task, and the data will be captured directly by the CRM and fed to the invoice workflow – perfect for service businesses
  • Task Groups (Operate like a user Group)
  • Task display auto-configure
  • All have roles and different rights
  • People can assign tasks to others (with requisite permission)
  • Only the person assigned to a task can assign time in the time log
  • Task breakdown includes threaded comment/discussion and file attachments
  • Task to Google Calendar integrationSophisticated Task Tracking
  • Generic Forms – a capability to allow administrators to craft their own sub-forms, or data elements, that attach or link to other or existing forms and database entries
  • High-Value extensions – In-build Intranet/Wiki, support for Internationalisation

Cosine CRM Features sourced from the Cmfive framework/toolbox

  • User and Group management model
    • Role-based permission system
    • Business Analyst defines roles for users
    • Includes use of User Groups – no more repetitive data input.
    • Allows override at user level
  • Templating systems – to stylise output
    • Allows non-tech users to change look and feel – avoids the need to change code – a great convenience
  • Print to printers
    • For multiple locations, alternative printers can be auto selected – user never has to go through complex printer set-ups
  • Inbox system – eliminates email dependency, with the option to echo to an individuals email client where preferred
  • Reporting
    • Easily customisable by business people who understand basic SQL
    • Viewing of reports is restrictable.
    • Reports can be run on other SQL databases simply ‘point’ to another DB instance visible on the network
    • Fast custom report development
  • Convenience Features
    • Per Module Context Help files…
    • Global Search – virtually everything is searchable (a popular feature not available in many CRM systems)
    • Breadcrumbs for quick navigation to recent areas
    • Commenting is available with every object in the system – task, account, invoice, quote, opportunity
      • Commenting is hierarchical and tracks multiple people, providing convenient audit trail of communication around decisions made in the business 
      • Attachments can be linked to any object, and are stored on both local or cloud-based file system (such as Amazon EC2)
    • Tags and Tag-based search and reporting

Popular, Commercial, and Internal Systems 2piCRM Integrates with

  • Xero Accounting Software
  • MYOB
  • Civica Authority (Local Government ERP) used by many Councils Australia-wide
  • Artifax Event Management Software
  • Micronet manufacturing ERP solution
  • WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Amazon AWS
  • SendGrid/SES
  • Sharepoint


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Cosine CRM is cloud hosted and provided as a service, however each customer has the option to have their very own customisations developed and installed on their instance of Cosine CRM.

The development for those customisations follows our standard agile software development practice and involves a thorough business analysis and various stakeholder workshops before commencing development.

To find out more about the possibilities of customising Cosine CRM, please call: 1800 961 919.