Cosine CRM is provided as a hosted service and priced at a per-user-month basis. We typically host in the Amazon Cloud in the Sydney Region. All prices include regular backups, software maintenance and updates.

The following pricing tiers are available for Cosine CRM (all prices ex GST):

3 to 10 Users

$100 per user per month.

10 to 20 Users

$80 per user per month.

20 to 50 Users

$55 per user per month

50+ or hosted on your own infrastructure

Please give us a call: 1800 961 919


Cosine CRM is cloud hosted and provided as a service, however each customer has the option to have their very own customisations developed and installed on their instance of Cosine CRM.

The development for those customisations follows our standard agile software development practice and involves a thorough business analysis and various stakeholder workshops before commencing development.

To find out more about the possibilities of customising Cosine CRM, please call: 1800 961 919