The Future of Workplace Safety.

With smartphones now in workplaces everywhere, we can work with you to make the
safety of your sites smarter, faster and easier.

FasterEasier for visitors.

We firmly believe that safety always comes first. We also recognise that every minute counts. As a worker or visitor, SignOnSite lets the foreman know you’ve arrived or departed anywhere on a site, through your own phone. Get straight to work knowing that you’re signed on.

SaferSmarter for managers.

We’ve used technology to make site safety more than just a physical book, all you need is at your fingertips. As a site manager, SignOnSite provides a realtime register of your site visitors, inducted or otherwise. Easily access archived registers, wirelessly share briefings or even evacuate. After all, procedure shouldn’t hold back site safety.

Become a SignOnSite workplace.

Yesterday, we had a sign in sheet.
Today, we have SignOnSite.

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