Promoting Amazon AWS as a Educational Pathway in Bega and Regional Australia

The 2pi Software team have a strong conviction that thanks to global cloud infrastructure platforms such as Amazon AWS offer a unique opportunity to technically-mind IT-savvy residents of regional Australia.

Our organisation seeks to spread this message to all in the local Bega community, especially younger people.

Getting a job in the region has its challenges, and getting a high-skill highly-engaging job is even harder. But kids, adults, or sea-changers who move to the beautiful Bega Valley can enhance their employability, and indeed, secure their own future as hired consultants if they put in the hard yards, and upskill in the Amazon AWS ‘cloud’ platform.

Anyone wishing to take up this opportunity, please contact 2pi Software .

This theme was recently covered in an excellent newspaper article in the Bega District News.

With Thanks to the Bega District News for use of the associated photograph.


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