Website design and development for Sapphire Coast Buslines

Sapphire Coast Buslines in Pambula was looking to update their website and simplify the purchase process for day tours and bus tickets. We were extremely pleased to have been chosen to take this project on.

Starting with the content, our in-house design team went to work mapping the extensive amount of content on the website. We developed a map to highlight the logical layout of page content and ensure that access to key areas of the site (day tours and ticket/pass purchasing) are accessible within a single click.

Next, we created a clean layout and design for the site pages. Another key focus was that a consistent layout could be employed as more content was added to the site going forward. The colour scheme ties in the brand colours that were developed for Sapphire Coast Buslines and the use of clean and easy-to-read fonts were a must given the age diversity of their client base.

With the design approved, we developed a custom WordPress theme. This allowed us to create templates for specific pages. As the client adds additional secondary pages, these automatically have templates applied to them making site administration easy for the client on the back-end.

For ticketing and booking, we setup and easy-to-use WooCommerce system that gives our client the power to easily maintain orders and bookings going forward.

Because 2pi Software has in-house designers and web developers, we can balance the creative with the technical when it comes to web design and development. This allows us to create beautiful looking websites that function very well and minimise the amount of work required of the client to maintain their websites long into the future.

If you are looking for web design, development or custom software implementation contact us today.

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