WordPress Website Development in AWS

In 2017 we were instrumental in bringing the vegemite brand back to Australia

Abilities and experiences

  • Responsible for design and delivery of a WordPress website on AWS
  • Design team to develop necessary graphic elements
  • Web development team to build a custom WordPress theme that fit existing brand guides
  • Governing delivery and continuous improvement of a digital service, aligned to the Digital Service Standard
  • Develop a scalable system
  • Report progress, budgets, risks and impediments. Propose mitigation solutions.

Assessment Criteria

  • Communicate with a wide range of disciplines both internally and externally
  • Present findings, insights and recommendations to justify decisions
  • Establish relationships to support delivery of services
  • Work in a multidisciplinary team in an agile delivery environment (highly desirable)

The client
Bega Cheese Limited

Turn around
Eight week delivery time frame beginning in April of 2017.

Services provided by 2pi Software
Strategy, research, design, project management, implementation, ongoing support and maintenance and training of Bega Cheese IT and marketing staff.

The challenge
The Vegemite brand and associated marketing (website etc.) was being acquired by Bega Cheese Limited. Discussions for transitioning brand materials began in April 2017. It was 
critical that a solution be delivered by June of 2017.

Our approach
We began the initial design work to transition a non-Wordpress site into a functional WordPress platform while allowing additional content to be added easily. We kept the system within existing brand guidelines.

Our AWS team developed a hardened infrastructure so that WordPress could function well in a scalable AWS environment. Two weeks prior to delivery, penetration testing commenced and we worked closely with security teams to close vulnerabilities and establish protocols for future Bega sites.

The site was successfully launched in June of 2017 much to the happiness of Bega Cheese Limited, their legal team and all of Australia.

The outcome

  1. A consistent brand transfer for Bega Cheese Limited
  2. An extremely fast turnaround time which allowed a pre-launch marketing campaign and the meeting of critical legal requirements mandated by the acquisition
  3. Continued implementation of our cloud security procedures
  4. A powerful new marketing platform for Bega Cheese Limited
  5. A simple to use Content Management System which allows the Vegemite Digital Marketing team to swiftly deliver new marketing campaigns