Enterprise solutions and extensibility using the Cosine Enterprise Platform

2pi Software provides off-the-shelf solutions which are proving popular with a number of SME’s

Cosine CRM – ERP, Business data capture forms and Workflow

In addition to bespoke systems, 2pi Software has developed a commercial CRM-oriented solution, Cosine CRM, which is being used by 2pi Software internally and also by various other companies as a SaaS solution for customer, resource and project management.

Cosine CRM is a feature-rich, readily customisable CRM solution for service-based businesses that need end-to-end management of professionals delivering on-site and remote customer service. The system automates tracking of everything, from first initial customer contact, through to quote and job sheet creation, and includes final invoicing and updating of accounts. Cosine CRM includes comprehensive customisable report facilities, and being optimised for mobile devices, empowers staff spending time on the road.

Discover the core cosine business framework modules


Easily create accounts for task management, reports and invoicing


Create contacts for notifications and reminders


Create, send and manage invoices


Create, track and manage sales opportunities


Create, send quotes borne from sales opportunities or manually


Track costs to a project, task or account


Create contacts for notifications and reminders


Track time spent using projects and associated task assignments

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Extend Cosine CRM with custom, specialised modules

Automated, recurring invoicing

Never miss and invoice going out with automated invoicing and notifications


Keep track of precise time spent against projects/tasks per employee


Manage a large number of hosting accounts and cloud applications


Support for Agile methodological project management


Specialist data stream ingestion and conversion sub-system

Cosine Catalog Module

High-value data objects within a business environment can share common characteristics. The Cosine Catalog module provides a means to access, update and/or display objects in a standardised way within the application. This is possible at both a code-level in real-time during user interaction with the application, or via an administration console allowing bulk or aggregate display and handling of the associated data records. 

Product inventory catalogues are a common business use case that requires this type of capability but the underpinning architecture of the Cosine Catalog Module software is such that it is adaptable to accommodate a more generic set of requirements.

Key features of the Cosine Catalog Module include :-

  • Support for online ordering and tailored data capture forms 
  • Multiple catalog presentational formats – list, page, individual
  • Searchable/filterable data
  • Integration to the Cosine Reports module
  • Data Import/Export as CSV/TSV
  • Xero product inventory integration – background synchronisation of the Xero Inventory with the Cosine CRM Catalog module

Form-building, Custom Fields, Generic Forms, sub-forms and complex business workflow

Cosine includes sophisticated user form and custom field generation capabilities to power even the most complex business application or data processing requirement.  The system offers both forms built by coders and Generic forms that allow business users to create custom fields or express a relatively complex forms-based data capture workflow. Additional features include :-

  • Attachment and/or linking forms and/or fields to other existing or newly-created forms and database entries
  • Advanced form generation and multi-step workflow extensions can be readily build by software development staff as the steps involved from a technical perspective are considered to be easy to learn and fast to implement
  • The cosine form capability affords strong granular control, is operating system independent and works well on handheld devices.

Additional Cosine Application Level features

  • Support for personalised dashboard visualisation of key indicators derived from aggregate data sourced from multiple locations
  • including a range of popular motifs such as histograms, pie charts, graphs, colour alarms
  • Highly configurable look and feel
  • Task Tracking and Task Groups with per task and sub-task time logging
  • Task assignability across multiple users/groups:-
    • Full task comment history and attachment (files/documents) retention including external client feedback responses
    • Task to Google Calendar integration (including iCal)
    • Timer Tasks – simply stop and start your timer when doing a task, and the data will be captured directly by the CRM and
    • fed
    • automatically to the invoice workflow to meet common practice management goals
    • Complete Audit logging
  • Data can be stored on mobile side, for later synching when a connection is restored

Cosine integration with Popular, Commercial, and Internal Systems

  • Xero and Quickbooks Cloud accounting systems via real-time APIs
  • Active Directory integration and Windows SSO
  • LDAP integrability
  • Amazon S3 for storing file/document attachments in the cloud
  • Civica Authority Council (Local Government ERP)
  • Micronet MRS – steel factoring business management 
  • Artifax Event Management
  • Google Apps
  • Mandrill bulk email transmission
  • Sharepoint
  • WordPress