Software Engineering

The 2pi Software team has experience with many technology products and can flexibly explore working with a wide range of other modern and legacy systems on request 

In our Software Engineering division, the company has specialist expertise in PHP, Javascript, Go, NodeJS, Python and C# programming languages and experience in the following toolsets: 

Key areas of expertise include

Software as a Service


Asset Management

Custom practice management solution

Internal HelpDesk Solution

Mobile App Development

Native iOS and Android


Cloud Infrastructure

Provision and Enablement

Site Reliability Engineering/’Devops’

Infrastructure as Code – Cloud Formation Templates, Ansible, Boto, Python

High Availability Solutions – Auto-Scaling, Load-balancing, CDN, Database Failover, Stateless architecture development

Custom Software Development

Timesheeting and Business Intelligence Dashboard

Mobile Data Capture and transfer

GIS integration

Freight and production workflow systems

Payment Gateway systems

Customer portals

System Integration/
API development

(Real-time inter-system connectivity, automated bulk export/import)

Finance products – Xero, Quickbooks

Venue and Event Management – Artifax, Enta 

ERP systems – Civica Authority


Code-level Database access,
management and report writing
in MS SQL, MySQL and Postgres

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