Gitlab has proven to be a powerful DevOps platform for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). CI/CD provides improved collaboration, faster development cycles, reduced cost of errors and improved security. It also helps ensure that applications meet quality standards and reduces the time required to launch new features and services. In 2022, 2pi Software proudly became a Gitlab partner, integrating the secure and compliant collaboration tools that Gitlab has pioneered.

Our DevOps pipeline delivers strong results using tightly integrated systems, allowing us to automate key areas of our software development processes. Gitlab partnership efficiencies translate into faster application build, testing, and deployment. Our CI/CD pipeline implementation allows automated software update releases to dev and production environments and continuous code integration and changes.

The 2pi Software DevOps team has standardised and road-tested an optimal end-to-end Dev Experience for agencies with a strong need for a sovereignly self-contained, self-hosted, manageable, and provisionable CI/CD. A VSC-powered dev container can now be activated from within GitLab in either the browser or GitLab WorkSpaces. This change ensures conformity with Federal Government Sovereignty requirements currently lacking in CodeSpaces.

Frontend, Backend and Infra-code Development/Deployment Workflow

Sovereign, Self-Managed, Self-provisioned, Secure CI/CD Pipelines
Enhanced Developer Experience Includes embedded
GitLab Workspaces (Cloud IDE) and Jupyter Notebooks access