2pi Software Products

WISPS Internet

A Potential solution which will effectively eliminate Internet black spots

The technology is called a “Mesh Network” which will deliver internet around natural obstructions by placing inexpensive intelligent network devices throughout the community to connect properties which could not receive broadband with those that can.

This trial will be for approximately 3 months testing locally here in Bega with a view to expand to other sites prior to a commercial release.

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Phonic Path

A platform for GPS-guided audio driving tour mobile phone apps

The Phonic Path system enables creation of a customised mobile phone app that capitalises on the convenience of in-car bluetooth to provide an exciting audio narrative ‘as you pass’ key sites along a trail of locations (designated by GPS coordinates).  Read more »


A mobile-friendly CRM automating IT Services and Support workflow (from ‘prospect to payment’)

2piCRM is the ‘go to’ CRM solution for an IT Service business that needs end to end fine-grained management of IT professionals delivering on-site and remote customer service. The system automates tracking everything, from first initial customer contact, through to quote and job sheet creation,  and includes final invoicing and updating of accounts. 2piCRM includes comprehensive customisable report facilities, and being optimised for mobile devices, empowers staff spending time on the road.

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Cmfive (cm5)

An open source Business Application framework (ERP, CRM, MIS)

Cmfive is a ready to go, open source system that supports data capture and workflow integration between multiple business units or departments in any organisation.  Designed to work with custom and off-the-shelf ERP, CRM and MIS systems, Cmfive is the perfect tool to tackle challenging integrations between non-communicating business systems, or, to engineer an entirely new module or extension of an existing IT platform.

The Future of Workplace Safety.

With smartphones now in workplaces everywhere, we can work with you to make the
safety of your sites smarter, faster and easier.

Areas of Expertise – General Commercial and Open Source

Successful components and products supported by 2piSoftware include :-

  • Magento
  • Zoho CRM/Creator
  • Google Apps
  • Amazon EC2
  • Phonegap/Cordova/iOS
  • WordPress
  • Typo3
  • Artfiax Event and Venue Management Software
  • Saasplications ERP