Capabilities Statement

Company Snapshot – who we are

2pi Software was formed in 2012 by Carsten Eckelmann and Liam O’Duibhir. 

The company headquarters are located on the Sapphire Coast (Bega and Merimbula), and with over 20 years of IT experience across software development, website construction and business continuity (maintaining IT systems and networks), the founders have created a unique business and technology consulting programme.

2pi Software strongly believes in a collaborative culture and openly shares knowledge and information with partners and like-minded organisations and individuals. It is a firm belief of the company founders that solutions are best developed by involving ‘many brains’ and forging a true working team spirit.

Both company founders are very active in IntoIT Sapphire Coast, a regional group promoting technology, business and entrepreneurship.

They are also the team behind the CoWS Near The Coast Digital Co-Working Space at 209 Carp St. Bega. As well as providing a space for ‘work from anywhere’ professionals to use on a frequent basis, CoWS hosts ongoing technical and startup activities such as Coding Night, Women in Technology and regular creativity-focussed workshops and educational events.

2pi Software, in conjunction with a number of other tech companies, is at the heart of the drive to transform the Bega Valley into a digital hub. These initiatives are strongly supported by the Bega Valley Shire Council in its recently revamped Economic Development Strategy. 

Core competencies

At its core, 2pi Software is a software engineering company. Our problem-solving and solution development capabilities are well-honed over many years, and the company passionately pursues excellence in the software engineering craft, and applies the intellectual rigour needed to build long-lasting, supportable and well-documented systems. 

In summary, our skills and experience cover :-

  • High-end software engineering
  • Promotion and adoption of Open Source and Open Standards
  • AWS Cloud System implementation and interconnectivity
  • B2B communication and automation
  • Interconnectivity of disparate systems – we provide the ‘glue’ between systems
  • GIS systems – training, support and development
  • Website design and development