2pi Cloud

Amazon AWS

The 2pi Software team have been using AWS to deploy virtual servers in the cloud for almost 10 years. Having observed close at hand the continuously improving AWS product suite, and as customers of 2pi Software engaged our AWS skills, the organisation become an AWS consulting partner. 2pi Software have continued to invest in formal accreditation for our staff in specialist areas of AWS architecture and system deployment. 

Our AWS work is a logical extension of 2pi Software’s ‘Devops’ culture and our embrace of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) as a core theme of our software creation and deployment practises.

Key areas of AWS expertise include :-

  • VPC design and management including gateways to physical LANs and local printing
  • Authorship of Best Practice cloud infrastructure support policy documents
  • Educational programmes
    • Cloud Adoption Framework and ‘hands-on’ Training
    • Micro-credential – ‘Enterprise Website Hosting Training’ – a job ready programme in partnership with Country Universities Centre
  • System migration from the physical environment to AWS
  • Capacity calculation (“right-sizing”) AWS virtual instances 
  • Configuration of auto-scale and load-balanced solutions
  • Database High Availability options via RDS solution
  • Implementation of the Workspaces VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) capability
  • Automation of virtual system and network creation and configuration using Cloud Formation Templates
  • Automated scripting in Ansible and Python including usage of the Boto Library
  • Design of the AWS cloud architecture
  • Security hardening of the AWS environment
  • Cost Efficiency Health Check and control practices
  • Lambda serverless computing applications

AWS Health Check

The 2pi Software team can provide a rigorous and systematic review of the sizing, selection and configuration choices that yield the best dollar return for cloud expenditure within your organisation. There are a number of learnings and insights from practical experience that can be applied to great benefit.