A bright beginning for 2pi Software

Under our new banner  – no longer TripleACS

Carsten and I are delighted to have gotten 2pi Software underway.  Rebranding (previously we were TripleACS – Triple A Cloud Solutions), and, by implication, refining the focus of your business, is quite a lot of work – especially if you are very busy with the ‘actual business’ at the same time. But things have really started to take shape this last month and we are very happy with our new identify and the message we now communicate to our ever-growing group of customers (and to whom we are very grateful for entrusting us to assist them with their IT and general technology concerns).

 In a nutshell

In classic business jargon, people ask us what is our elevator pitch…we offer this :-

  • 2pi Software are a software engineering house with specialist capabilities in PHP. We offer web and mobile app builds and a broad range of Enterprise Integration solutions – particularly in ERP and CRM related fields. We have strong product expertise and experience with WordPress, Magento and Typo3
  • Establish thought leadership in PHP through our sponsorship of the CMFive (CM5) Open Source ERP-targetted PHP Framework around which we aim to build a collaborative network of skilled developers. (further announcements on this topic will appear in subsequent blog postings)
  • From our base here on the Far South Coast NSW (Bega-Merimbula-Eden) we are forging strong professional ties to acolytes, associates, and customers in Canberra ostensibly, but with considerable enthusiasm for those in Sydney and Melbourne too. We hope to also develop deep ties to suitable organisations and groups in other regional centres such as Cooma, Wagga and Griffith too.

The Extras – IntoIT Sapphire Coast and CoWS Near The Coast – supporting tech in regional Australia

At 2pi Software, we place enormous emphasis on the passion that we have for technology, and software development in particular. For this reason, we don’t stop at promoting the 2pi Software story, we are heavily involved in initiatives to grow the tech sector across our region and linking up, in particular, with Cooma and the ACT/Canberra.

As part of our involvement with IntoIT,  we are working to meet an agreed target of 300 tech sector (high skill) jobs, over the next 15 years (by 2030). We started in 2010…and have made some good progress, but we are keen to speed things up.

Our involvement, unashamedly, serves our self-interest in that we would like to enjoy our passion for technology, both professionally, and personally, to the fullest possible extent, while living in our beautiful Sapphire Coast haven. 

Not just tech – but relationships also

It is an oft-stated observation that communication skills amongst Techs and within the Tech industry possibly lag those of other skilled communities. Although one has to always be cautious about making broad brush generalisations, most experienced professionals within the sector would cite this as the area we collectively need to work hard to improve. It’s a theme we take to heart at 2pi Software, and go to great lengths to be continually self-reflective about how we communicate with our clients, staff, and suppliers. So much so, in fact, that it is an established core value that we evaluate our performance as a company as much in terms of the strength and quality of the relationships we form with other businesses, groups and individuals, as we do the technical excellence of the products we build.

Let us Communicate

In a spirit of openness and appropriate expectation-setting, I will close our inaugural blog post by optimistically declaring that we hope to make reasonably frequent updates to our website  and in particular make comment on the pressing technical matters of the day that affect 2pi Software and those with whom with regularly interact. But we know from past experience how often companies fail to maintain a regular supply of website updates or social media posts, once the initial flurry of excitement of the new website fades, so we will try to avoid giving too great a commitment in that regard. In our defence, the seniors at 2pi Software are very active in public events, tech demos, hackathons, forum discussions and promotional events throughout the region, so anyone tuned into these various other ‘channels’ (most notably IntoIT Sapphire Coast and CoWS Near The Coast) should get to see 2pi Software’s passionate advocacy for all things technological in full flight.

Please if you wish to get in touch, please just drop us an email, or give us a call – we’d love to hear from you.


Liam O’Duibhir


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