AWS user group meetup

Cloud is the future. At 2pi Software we believe more firmly than ever that the faster companies can migrate crucial infrastructure to the cloud, the better! In keeping with our mission, we work with Amazon Web Services and local businesses in providing training, support and infrastructure design and implementation.

On June 26, 2019 our own Carsten Eckelmann held an AWS user group meetup where he provided insights into the scalable architecture supporting a number of high-profile/high-traffic Enterprise WordPress-based and e-Commerce websites hosted in the AWS environment.  These insights included :-

  • Facilitating web content updates in a dynamically scalable environment
  • Use of the Sentinel mechanism to maintain data integrity
  • Considerations when choosing Horizontal or Vertical scaling
  • Monitoring key data points to trigger scale up and/or down events 
  • Deciphering logged information to evaluate anomalous behaviour
  • Integration with Cloudfront in a scale environment
  • Transitioning site implementation to Infrastructure as Code and the benefits of this
  • The value of continuous integration mechanisms for ongoing site maintenance
  • Upskilling the web content and creative team in the scale environment

If you or your organisation is looking to understand the benefits of cloud based systems, we can help. Contact us today and we can provide an evaluation of your business needs as it relates to cloud migration.

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