Bega Cheese Amazon AWS Automated website cluster Devops Implementation

Taking full advantage of the power of the Infrastructure As Code capabilities available on the Amazon AWS platform, 2pi Software successfully migrated a cluster of Bega Cheese websites (i.e. Vegemite, Bega Cheese, KraftNuts, BegaBio, BegaFoodService, Tatura) to Amazon AWS from traditional on-premises environments. 

As a scalable, secure and resilient cloud platform, Amazon AWS is the ideal environment in which to ensure that these high-profile marketing assets comfortably meet high web traffic demands, are cyber-attack resistant, and are supported by sound disaster recovery policies and practices.

The migration benefited significantly from adoption of the Infrastructure as Code approach, including usage of Cloud Formation Templates, delivering high-levels of workflow automation for the purposes of site instantiation in addition to ongoing updates and maintenance. Additionally Bega Cheese websites now adhere to a series of standardisation requirements which ensure consistency of site implementation across multiple business units as well as centralised management of key intellectual property such as domain names and DNS routing.

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