Job Active Provider and client resources
for the 2020 Regional Employment Trials

Tech Micro-credentials and Hackathons

But first…here’s a quick highlights reel from last years RET Hackathon in Bega…

There will be a programme of events targeting job-seekers which includes 5 Online Tech Micro-credentials training short courses covering Coding, Cloud, Web Development, AgTech (Agriculture) and Artificial Intelligence, as well as three Hackathons at the population centres of Bega, Batemans Bay and Nowra. 

Programme of Events (in chronological order)

Batemans Bay Code-A-Job Hackathon Held Online – Sat Mar 28th – Book on Eventbrite

AWS Cloud Basic Skills (An easy to follow course covering the most popular cloud platform used by governments and business worldwide) – Book on EventbriteDelivery Dates : Mon/Tues 6th/7th Apr

Nowra Code-A-Job Hackathon Held Online – Fri Apr 24th – Book on Eventbrite

Design+WordPress (the basics of graphic design and WordPress)  – Book on EventbriteDelivery Dates : Wed/Thurs/Fri Apr 29th/30th May 1st

Coding (Coding fundamentals using – HTML/CSS/Javascript)  – Book on Eventbrite – Delivery Dates : Thurs/Fri May 14th/15th 

Practical AgTech (Developed specifically for the agriculture sector – this covers the use of tech sensors and networking to boost our local agri-industries) – Book on Eventbrite – Delivery Dates : Thurs/Fri May 28th/29th

Bega Code-A-Job Hackathon Held Online – Sat Jun 6th  – Book on Eventbrite

AI (Machine Learning) (The course is for image recognition – the newest emerging and most powerful new tech) – Book on Eventbrite Delivery Dates : Thurs/Fri Jun 11th/12th 

Information Pack

A printable poster for the Code-A-Job Hackathons in Batemans Bay, Nowra and Bega.

The official press release announcing the 2pi Software Regional Employment Trials programme focussed on Tech Micro-credentials and Hackathons in the key regional centres of Bega, Bateman’s Bay and Nowra.

A case study entitled “Isaac’s story” showing how, in the right conditions, transitioning from unemployment to a tech career is possible and exciting.

Details of the ‘Ideal Candidate’ to consider for involvement in the RET programme.

A document outlining ‘What the 2pi Software RET ‘Tech Micro-credentials and Hackathons’ Programme will be about – info for Job-Seekers, JAs and Hackathon Attendees

A helpful “Jobseeker Introduction to 2pi Software” to hopefully provide job-seekers with an outline of what life might be like working in a Bega Valley-based software engineering enterprise.

For more information please contact:

Beverley Atkins
2pi Software RET Administrator
0420 535 012

Isaac Lynnah
2pi Software Community Manager
0497 573 147