Drupal 9 website development for Surround Australia

We developed a robust marketing tool for a leading innovator in meta data analysis tools.

Surround Australia is a technical innovator in the field of connected data and meta data analysis tools. Using Artificial Intelligence along with custom algorithms, Surround Australia boasts clients in Government and Science and Research sectors.

Recently they were looking to improve their online presence using a platform familiar to their team – Drupal. Embracing this decision wholeheartedly, our web design and development teams initialised the project with the aim of addressing several critical areas:

  • The website needed to be modernised visually, incorporating an updated logo and core brand elements
  • The layout of the site needed to communicate effectively to two primary – yet conflicting customer types (more on this below)
  • The Surround Australia sales team needed better tools to evaluate potential customer interest

A modern design

Starting with the design, we engaged early with their marketing and brand managers to establish a language that needed to be woven throughout the website. Our in-house design team developed a strong and bold design style that will give them a lasting web presence for many years to come.

The primary clientele that we need to communicate come from two very unique aims, so we needed to allow for more in-depth analysis of their products and services while at the same time, provide a simplified method for communicating some very complex processes. We were able to simplify the presentation of their product offerings while facilitating a section for white papers which provide much more in-depth detail of how their products provide superior results.

We threaded many design elements throughout the site that tie in directly to their renewed brand creating a consistency across their marketing.

Drupal 9 + AWS

We developed a robust hosting environment based on the AWS cloud platform running Drupal 9. This combination is both familiar among the Surround Australia team requiring little-to-no upskilling while also giving them flexibility to grow over time.

Our in-house dev team adapted the website design we created into a custom Drupal theme.

The result of all of this is a secure, stable and bold marketing tool for the Surround Australia team. We are happy to have played such a crucial role in the design, development and launch of the project.

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