MEDIA RELEASE: Easter release for Killer Whale Trail ‘pilot’ mobile app

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MEDIA RELEASE: Easter release for Killer Whale Trail ‘pilot’ mobile app


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Eden’s shore-based whaling history has been developed into a new mobile phone app for visitors to the region.

Local software engineering company 2pi Software has launched a ‘pilot’ of the free mobile phone app and is encouraging visitors and residents to trial it and provide feedback over the Easter period.

The free app, ‘Eden Trail’ was produced with the support of Sapphire Coast Tourism and Bega Valley Shire Council.

It uses sophisticated mobile phone GPS technology and in-car bluetooth to deliver an exciting audio narrative as visitors explore Twofold Bay and the five key sites where the story unfolded.

“By making the pilot app available during Easter, we are hoping to get as much feedback as possible so that we can quickly respond to any changes requested,” Liam O’Duibhir, CEO of 2pi Software said.

“We aim to make the app as near perfect as possible by the time tourists return for the whale migration this spring.”

In the lead up to Easter, Visitor Information Centres will display promotional aids and guide those who wish to trial the app.

Sapphire Coast Tourism General Manager Anthony Osborne said the app is a great accompaniment to the Killer Whale Trail, a digital guide to the story of the Davidson’s and the wild killer whales.

“This project is a great accompaniment to the Killer Whale Trail, which also explored how new technology could aid tourism experiences,” he said.

“We hope this solution can be used across a whole range of experiences into the future.

“We encourage people to download and use the pilot app and provide feedback. Take a picnic and have lunch at Loch Garra or the beach where the remains of the old try works can still be seen.”

The app is convenient to download, and will run whether your phone is connected to the Internet or not, which is handy if you hit a mobile black spot, or are close to the end of your data allowance.

It is recommended that in-car Bluetooth is used to get the best experience.

Eden resident Angelika Erpic tested the app during its development.

“The Eden Trail is like having your own personal tour guide for the region, and it’s free. I really enjoyed it.”

Download it by visiting the App Store and searching for “Eden Trail”.

Contact : Liam O’Duibhir (0417 579 079)
Email : liam@2pisoftware.com


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