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Talking Agile Development with NSW Governor David Hurley

As key supporters of CoWS Near The Coast, the Digital Co-Working Space in Bega NSW, we were exceedingly delighted to be part of the celebrations for the recent visit of Governor of NSW David Hurley and his wife, Mrs Hurley.

Mobile Apps launch boosts regional Community Sector organisations

The launch of two new smartphone and tablet Apps by 2pi Software was reported in the media recently. Safe Around Me

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Skillbot: The life skills app helping young people

Hot on the heals of Safe Around Me, 2pi Software has launched a another popular mobile phone app. The Skillbot App

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A bright beginning for 2pi Software

Under our new banner  – no longer TripleACS Carsten and I are delighted to have gotten 2pi Software underway.  Rebranding

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First home grown App for SE NSW

After the publication of their popular Safe Around Me booklet, Southern Women’s and Children’s Services were looking for a new way for people to access the same information. “We thought what else can we put with that to make it more appealing and interactive for our clients,

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2pi Software launches Cmfive ERP-targetted PHP Framework

Date,Time : 27 May 2014, 6PM Location : Entry 29, 17 Childers St, Acton, Canberra Tickets : Free via Eventbrite – http://cmfive.eventbrite.com.au Email : info@2pisoftware.com Phone : 0417 579 079 Cmfive is a ready to go, open source system targetting principally ERP applications. Cmfive is

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